Elk Tags

The available Kentucky Elk Tags are a premium Landowner Elk Tag. Once purchased, these tags are good for either sex elk and intermittently between September 14 through January 1, 2025. Specific season dates are provided at the Kentucky Elk Hunting link below. Purchased elk tags can only be used on its corresponding Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

Wildlife Management Areas

Elk tags are available for both the Boone Forestlands WMA and the Elk Forest WMA. The Boone Forestland WMA consists of 31,668 acres and is located in Bell, Clay, Harlan and Leslie counties. The Elk Forest WMA is 16,802 acres and located in Clay, Bell, Knox and Leslie counties. The limited number of tags for each WMA will vary from year to year. If you are not familiar with these WMAs, we strongly urge you to hire and utilize a guide to make the most of your hunting experience.

Tag Price and Usage

The price for an elk tag in the upcoming season is $7,000.00 each. No discounts are given for multiple tag purchases. When you purchase a tag, you must provide contact information about the person that will utilize the tag. Only that person may use the tag. Tags are non-transferable and cannot be re-sold. If tags are available after the elk season begins, the price may be discounted. Most tags are purchased far in advance of the elk season.

Availability of Tags

We have just a limited number of Elk Tags available for each hunting season. Please contact us at the following number/email to inquire about availability. You will be provided with a document to complete and return with the user's information as well as information of purchasing. Once your info is submitted, you will have ten (10) days to make your payment. If payment is not received within this timeframe, the elk tag will be made available to the public again. Before the season starts, we will supply the info from the purchased tags to the State’s wildlife officer in charge of tags. You will then receive your tag directly from the state.

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