Appalachian Region Public Access Areas

Aurora has opened thousands of acres of land for public access across the Appalachian region through cooperative programs with the VDGIF and WVDNR. Additional information describing these public access areas is provided below.

Coalfield PALS

Location: Dickenson and Wise Counties, Virginia

The property in the Coalfield PALS area is owned by Heartwood Forestland Fund and managed by Aurora Sustainable Lands, LLC. The VDGIF manages access to the property for hunting, fishing, and trapping. PALS permits are only sold through licensed agents or on the VDGIF website and the fee is $18.00. Hunters, anglers, and trappers must buy the permit from a license agent or online. Inquiries about these areas should be directed to the website or to the Marion Region 3 Office at (276) 783- 4860.

Visit the VDGIF website to get more information about the Coalfield PALS program:

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